Freedom Fest

Branding, School Work


Tools Used

Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


Design, Development

As a fictional music festival, held at the National Mall in Washington D.C. every 1st of July. This project rolled out a logo, poster, one-color flier, ticket stub, badge, and website.

    ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Cond light & bold
  • ITC Franklin Gothic Std Demi Cond light & Bold


ITC Franklin Gothic robust characters resemble the typefaces used throughout the late 19th century American.

Color Palette

The color scheme resembles closely to our nations colors.

Logo Development

When sketching out ideas, I wanted to incorporate symbols that represented the United States.

Final Logo

Combining both elements to create a harmonious logo.

  • Poster Development

    Tried to think of ways to incorporate elements from our national mall and flag.

    Final Poster

    A mock-up view of the final design.

    One Color Fliers

    Due to only being limited to one color, I had to remove both border and stripes altogether.

    VIP Badge

    Double sided badge


    One-sided ticket displaying the festivals info.


    One-page layout, broken into 6 sections (Header, About, Line-Up, Faq, Location, & Share).